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Foshan Nanhai District purple Yu furniture factory
Foshan city Shunde District Shuo Hao Furniture Co. Ltd.

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The company establishes the market with good faith

Industry news
2018/02/08 14:51

  The enterprise's brand "Aikasi" "love you" Han family "Locke", adhering to warm, fashion design concept, health, environmental protection, simple fashion, elegant, bright color and fresh. Since it has been put into the market, it has been very popular with domestic and foreign businessmen.

The company establishes the market with good faith, changes the development with the result, and takes the customer as the guidance. Adhere to the "best furniture brand in the world" as the business goal, swear to "professional, quality, integrity and service" as the core values, forge ahead and strive to develop, and are willing to work together with people with lofty ideals at home and abroad, to improve the global furniture life of humanity.
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