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Foshan Nanhai District purple Yu furniture factory
Foshan city Shunde District Shuo Hao Furniture Co. Ltd.

Address: Nanhai District of Foshan City, Xiqiao science and Technology Industrial Park A district
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Tel:0757-28105040    Fax: 0757-86880959

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2018/02/08 14:49

Foshan Shuo Hao Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in the famous "Chinese furniture city" - Guangdong Foshan. Research on furniture, 10 years focus on the production, sales and service, its total of three plants, supporting facilities, children's painting focus on a suite of furniture factory, furniture color plate, adult suite furniture, custom furniture plate, such as plate office furniture customization, custom furniture and other engineering school. Two factory to produce the Mediterranean furniture, three factory to produce Korean French furniture, and in Lecong international home and private city offices and doors. The company has a number of middle and advanced design, sales elite and management backbone. Introduce the most advanced board type production line, strict production management system, strict quality assurance system and after-sale service procedure in all directions

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